Corporate and Regulatory Affairs

Corporate and Regulatory Affairs


The Corporate and Regulatory Affairs division is divided into four departments:


The Enterprise Communications department is responsible for communications to a variety of external (e.g., public, members, providers, brokers, group administrators) and internal stakeholders. It is comprised of:

  • Communications Business Partner Teams
    Support each division of the Company with strategic and mandated communications to all of their respective external and internal stakeholders.
  • Government Programs Communications
    Handles all non-advertising communications for both Medicaid and Medicare lines of business, and works with the Regulatory Affairs team, the Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services (DMAHS) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to ensure regulatory compliance with all of its communications.
  • Creative Services
    Includes a Multimedia team that provides appropriate multimedia support (e.g., HD video, photography, animations, voiceovers); graphic artists who create impactful, aesthetically appropriate materials for both print and electronic distribution; and a Specialty Printing and Services Coordinator who works with Corporate Services to help facilitate the printing, mailing and delivery of a variety of communications by approved print suppliers.
  • Internal and Online Communications
    Disseminates external and internal messaging through established online vehicles, and works with IT to develop and post the content throughout all of our digital properties. This team is also responsible for publishing Focus on Health, our member newsletter, and also distributes all-employee and targeted employee messaging.


This team is comprised of the Company’s Public Affairs, Public Relations and Social Media teams, and is responsible for all press-related communications and public communications to opinion leaders throughout the state. This team is responsible for any public statements issued to media organizations by the Company.

The Social Media team works with various areas throughout the Company to generate social media messaging through existing channels like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more.


This team supports the Government Programs Division and is Horizon NJ Health’s representative to all state agencies. Regulatory Affairs cultivates, drives and maintains critical strategic business partnerships with regulatory agencies, industry associations and other external stakeholders and works with Government Programs leadership to identify Medicaid Contract and regulatory barriers that are driving medical costs and develop and implement advocacy plan to address them.


This team is the Company’s liaison with the federal and state legislatures and the relevant administrative agencies, and is responsible for advising the Company’s leadership with regard to the legislative and regulatory environment. Government Affairs also leverages relationships to assist in maintaining and increasing the government/business portfolio.